Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun with Chainsaws!

You may Remember, My Mum is an artist with Plants
(see mother's day post)

She is also an Artist with the Chainsaw!!

She Made this for my Dad!

Dad couldn't make one for himself

My Dad is not Allowed to Use a Chainsaw:

He's not really an artist anyway

Mum made These Wolves for Great Shot!

Or are they Coyotes for Trickertreee?

She also Made these Owls!

(I think Scar the Lion would Like them!)

And She made this Mountain Lion 

Kit Kat is learning this art too

Here's her first work

I guess this isn't too bad for a little sister!

I prefer "functional art"

Here's Mine.

How do you like it??

I call it "A Chair"

Cup isn't allowed to play with Chainsaw

He saw some movie and it made him go a bit crazy

And here is My Blog Disclaimer Regarding Chainsaws:




  1. Yes, they're coyotes! Thank you Tiggerkat's mom! :D


  2. Um....I think Nibbles should meet cup after he calms down


  3. Replies
    1. sorry, no, but she drank a mango smoothie!


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