Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Par Nun Golfing Academy

Today we headed down to our Local Golf Club,

The Par Nun Golfing Academy!

It's a Real High Class Place!

Check Out the Club House!!

It even has Satellite TV!

I thought I might play some golf before I interviewed for my new job

Tiggers Are Great At Golf!

I even brought Ellie to be my Caddie!!

My Mum remembered the last Time I Played Golf...........

Sheesh.........Mothers have long memories!

So She thought This time I should sign up with an Instructor

I'm not too sure about this guy!

My Instructor thought I should start out on the Miniature Golf Course


I had to ditch this guy............

So I said, "LOOK!  A Banana!!"  and pointed to a tree
When he ran up the tree, I ran the other way!!

I had brought Cup with Me

He's a Golf Pro

I knew Cup would be a much better Teacher!

He understands Me!

He said to hit the ball as many times as it takes

to get it into the little hole with the flag at the other end of the course

And Cup said for each time I hit the ball I get a Reese Cup!



this Game!!

Just as I was getting Lost in the Dream of All those Reese Cups

I heard a Voice Shout:

"You're Late!!  You're Late!!
For a Very Important Date!"

My Interview!!!!!

So I hurried down to the Water Trap Pond

To Meet with My Trainer

He was already in the water collecting Golf Balls!

He finds A LOT of Golf Balls!!

He took me to the Storage Shed to See

Yep!  That's A Lot!!

I Can't Wait to Start this Job!!

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