Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wow, I'm Tired!!!

Been a very busy week at Camp Okee Dokee

G'night All!!

*soft snoring*

*sound of zipper opening on suitcase*

*eyes blink*

*flashlight shines, falls to floor*

**Tiggerkat snores more loudly**

*flashlight reveals..........

a stowaway in Tiggerkat's Suitcase!!*

**Meerkat talks softly to self**

"I know that Tiggerkat is Up to Something No Good!"

"I bet she really knows Gray Scott, too!"

"And Tiggerkat had a faint smell of Reese Cups!  

Which is what I was looking for with those 

worthless cows back in The Great Migration!"

**Hides under bed**

"My Patience is Gray.....

I mean Great....Gray?



*meerkat falls asleep*


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!