Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun with Marshmallows

Some of you may know

I like to Play with Fire

And where there is a Fire

There should be Marshmallows!!

But if there is No Fire

Marshmallows are still fun!

I like to make "Tigger Tails"

They start out as Marshmallows on a stick

Then you pour on the sugary coating

Reese Has Fun with Marshmallows Too!

It's a Game I Call "Fetch"

But He's Not That Good at it......

He Never Fetches, He only Eats!

Maybe I should Re-name the Game "Eat"

Peanut Butter Likes to Apply His Artistic Talents
with His Marshmallows:

Cup is a Great Artist with the Air Brush

Look at his "Self Portrait" in Marshmallow!

Reese Puff Made this "Before and After" Marshmallow Art:

York Tried her Hand at it as Well

Then it was Time to Clean Up

There were Marshmallows Everywhere!!

It would take waayyy too Long to pick them all up,

So I called My Friend Nathan to Come Over

and He did!

We Rolled Him all over the Floor

Look what a Great Clean Up  Job He did!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Oh......and if you REALLY needed to know about Kit Kat........

She Took all the Marshmallows that Nathan Cleaned up for us

I don't know what she did with them........


  1. I've had those tigger tails once.

    They're addictive. o.o

    1. of course! what tigger thing isn't addictive!!


  2. @tiggerkat- not everyone likes tiggers and reese cups, but i do! (okay not as much like in tiggers but in reese cups YUM!!!!!! **licks chops and drools**


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