Saturday, August 4, 2012

Horray!! 2 New Followers!!!!!

Let's give a Big, Gigantic, Humongous, Reese Cup Filled Cheer for My 2 Newest Followers!

Jinx8888  And  :)  

First Up:


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She  Has A Blog Called Animal Jam Splash

Animal Jam Splash-By Jinx8888

Its really cool!  Check it out at this Link and be sure to follow her!
She is new to the blogosphere and needs our Support!

She also has another blog about AJ Scammers,
Check it out At:

Next Up is:

(that is her username--  :) !! )

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Well---I don't know anything about :)
But I am guessing she likes Pokemon and is generally a very Happy Person!
She follows alot of Blogs!

**Cheers and Confetti and Reese Cups Cover EVERYONE !!**


  1. Jinx!! You're follower number 50 !! What kind of Jinx is that?? I shall re-name you "Lucky" !!

  2. do u know the :) is actually laurel019? she deleted her blog and changed her profile and everything. she told me about it. she said she couldnt think of a better name so she just put a smiley face. XD


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