Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ahhh, Now That was a Good Night's Sleep!!

**wakes up**

**stretches and yawns**

**sniffs air**


Mum is making my Favorite!!

Reese Cup Pancakes!!

**Bounds out of bed and down the stairs**

**Room is quiet**

**Shuffling from Under Tiggerkat's Bed**

**Meerkat appears**

**Mutters to self***

"I know that Tiggerkat is up to no good!"

"I will have to devise a plan to capture and extract the necessary information from her"

"I shall continue to document my journey on this ancient scroll

as I am sure one day I will be LEGEND!"

**Begins Writing**

Day 12 of Journey for Revenge Upon The One they call Gray Scott

I have infiltrated the enemy’s camp

I have conducted reconnaissance and located a source of water in a hut adjacent to Tiggerkat’s resting hut.  Cool refreshing water springs up in an elevated white ceramic hole.

Also found handy brush for flea removal

Food Source located under bed

Next step in mission:  

locate materials to set up trap for Tiggerkat.

Materials list:  

1 bottle of glue

1 Bag of Frozen Peas

Will Resume Stealth Mode

Tiggerpaka signing off


  1. My supplies
    Glue remover

    monkey glue

    frozen carrots
    >:D bring it on meerkat!

  2. Hey. Im gonna make a blog about me! (Clifforddog!) Because I couldn't know what to keep. Clifforddog or AJ. Now I decided I should have both!

  3. My supplies

    Glue remover

    Bring it on!



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