Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hiking at Camp Okee Dokee

Today we went on a Nature Hike up into the hills near Camp Okee Dokee

I got all decked out in my Hiking Gear

We headed out of the forest and into a meadow

There were so many beautiful butterflies!!

I was having such fun in that meadow

When I realized, I couldn't see or hear the other campers!!!

I ran back to the forest......No One  was there!!

I found a trail marker but it didn't make any sense to me....

I began to panic, then I heard a rustling sound in the bushes.

I started to shake and shiver in fear!

There was a Blur of Fur and I was pinned to a tree!

There was a knife to my throat and on the other end there was

Bat Man??

"B-b-b-bat Man??"  I stuttered.

He released me, removed his disguise and 

revealed himself to be a funny looking squirrel creature

He began accusing me of things I have never heard of!

"Are you the One They Call Gray Scott?!!"

he demanded

"No".....I responded, confused

"Are you Sure!!"

"I am Tiggerkat"  I answered

"Oh.  Ok" 

And he began to disappear in the woods....

"WAIT!!"'  I called

"What do you want with Gray Scott??"

He grabbed my paw and began to explain

"Tiggerkat, buddy ole pal.  I seek revenge on the one called Gray Scott.  

You see, I was once a star in a story blog called The Great Migration.....


And with that he slipped away into the dark forest


  1. o.o I think Theres something....Well......Creeeepy......About Camp Okee Dokee....I mean theres to e's in Okee....and theres to e's in creepy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Screams head off* Sorry....XD. And Bat man...XDD..


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