Friday, August 31, 2012

Cup Wants To Go To School

With all this talk about Going to School Next week

Now Cup wants to go!

I tried to explain to him that Hamsters don't go to School

But he is so stubborn!!

not to mention


To Prove his Readiness for School

He showed me all the School Supplies He's Gathered:


(and gnawed on)

He showed me how he's fixed up his cage

so he is ready to do homework

And he has already started reading ahead

He said I could pack his lunch for him

Or he could buy at the cafeteria

And He even has an Apple for the Teacher!

Can someone out there Please Explain to him

That Hamsters Don't Go To School????


  1. XD! I wish I could actually eat that "apple" I'm starving! Is the apple a Cherry? XD.

    Dear Cup,

    Can you save some water for me? I'd love that,too! ;D.

    XD. Cup is so...Dramatic in the pirst picture XDDDD.

  2. Ok, Cup, hamsters don't go to school but maybe you could go to hamster school xD

  3. Cup, don't be so stubborn! may be you could learn at home with Tiggerkat!

  4. Cup...School is not meant for hamsters. Can't you file that in the little brain of yours?

    Maybe there's a hamster school out there, who knows?


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