Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Kasane Teto !!

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Kasane is a follower who doesn't seem to be into AJ, but very into music and singing!
She has many blogs, here are a couple of links to her profile to explore them

Mostly they are chat rooms, which is a bit different than most of my followers
and it is really cool to mix it up a bit!!

So a Big BIG Musical Welcome To Kasane Teto!

**clears throat**
mi mi mi mi miiiii

*begins to sing to Tune of Happy Birthday*

A Big Welcome to You!
A Big Welcome To You!
A Great Big Dupsteppin' Musical Montage Singing Welllllll-cooommme...
A Big Welcome tooooooo

(Big Finish)

Yooooooouuuuuu  !!!

*Gives Reese Cup Gift Basket and Bows*


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