Monday, August 13, 2012

G-g-g-g-host Stories!!!???!!

I Just Found out we are Telling Ghost Stories around the CampFire!

(You know this would have to be on a Monday!!)

The Camp Leader Began:

This is the Story of the Ghost of Okee Dokee Camp!

Once Upon a Time, a Loooong Long Time ago

There was a camper


Katnip Kit

also known as

Kat Kit!

She seemed to be a typical tabby cat,

but she had a mean streak.

and liked to play practical jokes on other campers.

She mailed scorpions to her bunk mates

She covered the bathrooms in cardboard

She filled all the campers boots with melted marshmallows

And while they were asleep.....

She duck taped campers to the ceiling!!!

Kat Kit had the entire camp in fear of her next practical joke.

They avoided her as much as possible.

Then one day 

At lunch

She was eating a Reese Cup

and began to choke

No one would help, thinking it another joke

But It wasn't



We all screamed !!

The Camp Leader chuckled and continued:

The campers thought they were finally safe from Kat Kit

But they were not.

The Ghost of Kat Kit would seek her revenge

She would appear all over the camp

And she would steal everyone's Candy

And Meow an Evil Laugh

That would run chills down your spine!

And she would replace all the candy with

Kit  Kats!!!

I never heard the rest of the story!

I was so taken with fear

I ran as fast as I could back to my cabin.

And I am NEVER coming out!!!


  1. Call the ghost busters!!! *types number* evil ghost cat gonna take me candy ghost busters!

  2. Never fear, Tiggerkat! The Ghost Busters are here!

  3. XD. *taps ghost on shoulder* Exuse me ghost? Can I well...Eat you kit-kats? :3.

  4. *Screams* AHHHH!!!! *Leaps into the nearest tree and scrambles to the top* AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! But it's what she deserved, mean people are often well...not helped...since they're too m-m-mean... AHHH! THE GHOST! AHHHHH!

  5. Nice blog me likes


  6. Raoul: Oh noes! *trys to climb tree but falla out*
    Me: Hey! You can't climb trees! You're a car!


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