Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Job Part II

So I went to see Fat Freddy at Fatso's to see if the Sandwich Artist job was still available:

I think that's him out front, foraging for freshest of things for his deli!

Fat Freddy's top Chef was steaming mad at his current kitchen help....

The Sandwich Robot

The Sandwich Robot it seems wasn't working right, too much mayo in its gears and was making terrible sandwiches!  

Or it could be a broken heart..................

Seems his girlfriend, the blender..........

Had broken up with him after Fat Freddy brought in this new coffee maker:

BUT that's Good news for Me!! 

The Robot quits and that means there is a Job Opening for me!!

I start Tomorrow, so Stay Tuned!!


  1. Here's a tip, never put spinach in anybody's sandwich. Especially a lion's!

    1. *pulls out notebook, jots down advice* Got it!! Thanks TT!!


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