Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't go picking Reese Cups on A Monday

Everyone knows that the sweetest Reese Cups grow very high up in the tree tops!

So needing to enhance my stash, I decided to climb up and gather a few!

I got a little to high up there, having forgotten that I am afraid of heights!!

I hollered for help, but only Kit Kat showed up!!

She winked and said she would help---then began shaking the tree really hard!

I fell !!

but then got stuck in the branches!!

Oh....Tiggytiger, I need you!  And Bring a Ladder!!


  1. Kit Kat is really sneaky sometimes :P

  2. Brought the ladder you needed!I also brought my glue gun so i can glue kitkat to that tree...>:D


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