Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Funny Hat Day at School !!

School is pretty much over, we are having lots of fun this week!  Today is Funny Hat Day and I took my camera to school to share with you all the funny hats I saw!!

Here's the Hat I wore  (I couldn't get a pix of me with it on, the flash messed up in the mirror)

(I know you expected to see a Reese Cup Hat, and I did make one to wear,
but somehow it didn't make it to school!)

Reese wore a great hat!

hahahaha!  He looks like Peanut Butter!!

Here is Peanut Butter's hat!

But we were not in class long before the teacher switched his hat to this one! 

(Peanut Butter will be really mad when he sees this!!  hahahahah!)

Here's Cup in his hat!

There were so many students and so many great hats!  I took pictures of some of the others at our school! 
Here is my favorite Pre-K kid in her hat!

And this one won the Cutest Hat Contest:

This bunny won for Best Tasting Hat!!  (that's only because the Reese Cup Hat I made got eaten before I got to school!)

Here is the winner of the Best Dancer in a Hat!  

(you should see this chick break dance!  she's awesome!)

 Here are the school cheerleaders, winning Best Hat Group:

Here is our Foreign Exchange Student in his Hat  

Here's the Best Hat for the Honor Society kids  (they're all really smart!) 

Here's my favorite teacher in her Hat!

And here is the Hat worn by the Scariest Teacher!!

(She's sooo Mean!!  She doesn't even like Reese Cups!!)

Sigh!  I guess I should include Kit Kat, she wore a hat too............

She's a Cheese Head!!!!  hahahahha


  1. lol very cute pics. Funny about "honor society" XD

  2. why didn't you wear your resse cup hat?

  3. Replies
    1. I thought that owl looked familiar!!

    2. I think I anciently published a half complete comment_
      Heehee I got reeses and my brother got kit kats!! In his face!!


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