Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doing my Best to Help Out Kit Kat

So Kit Kat was all dressed up and ready to go to an appointment in town, but she didn't have a ride in

Being the wonderful, kind and loving older sibling that I am, I went outside to whistle for a taxi

She didn't approve of the 1st one that stopped for her, even tho I thought it was Perfect!!

She even turned her nose up at this one as well!

I thought this would be a good one!
I told her that she could get her "beauty rest"
on the way into town; but again she declined

I thought this was another good one for her, but she said it would "cramp" her style

This one might have been acceptable, but it was already taken

Then I got this taxi for her, but someone got to it before Kit Kat could  

(actually, there are 2 people up there!)

So she didn't like any of the taxi's I got for her. 

Then I saw this at the store and went and bought it for her so she would have
her own transportation, whenever she needed it!

Now she can "go" everywhere and anywhere she wants!!



  2. Wow Tiggerkat, you've almost eaten 8000 Reese Cups!

  3. I got some resse cupcakes!:D *gives to tiggerkat*

    also,i getting membership for 1 month today!


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