Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calling All Jumpers and Bouncers!!

Well, other than Reese Cups, everyone knows my favorite thing to do is BOUNCE!!

And I thought it would be fun to hold a Contest!  

Reese was so excited, he started jumping at home!

But we did finally make it to the competition arena I had set up.

Here's Peanut Butter  (always making a fashion statement!)

Cup participated too!

And he had some competition in his under 2 kilogram weight class!!

This guy could almost fly through the hoops!

This bunny did a great job too!

Reese's Girlfriend did very well too!   

Aw, C'mon Reese!  I'm just teasing!!
Reese left the room.......

Anyway, here is the winner in the Novice Division:

Here's the winner of the Laziest Evil Cat Division.......

Grrrr!  Mom!!  Why does Kit Kat have to mess up everything I try to do??

Anyway, here is our Overall Grand Champion!!

This little fella jumped as high as I do!!!!


  1. Reese's "girlfriend" is very pretty =3
    I forgot to participate in it D= I'm a bunny, this stinks -.- Well bai! :3

  2. Coyotes have great jumping skills, livin' in the canyons you need to do a fair share of good hoppin'


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