Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Day After......

(Talking in a very fast helium type of voice)

Wow!  Our First Reese Cup Jubliee was a BLAST!!

I don't know why I am talking like this!!

I don't know why I even LOOK like this!!

**Clears Throat**

Ahhhhh!  That's Better!

Well, like I was saying, it was a wild and crazy time!  This morning I had some fun with my camera finding all the wacky party goers who were flat out EXHAUSTED from all the fun!!

(IF one of these is a picture of YOU, please don't be angry or embarrassed!  It is all in fun!!)

Look at this guy!   Fell asleep standing up, with a Bread Necklace!!

We can't figure out how this poor pup got stuck!!

And some people just can't handle their Reese Cups!

Or their Reese Kibble!

This guy tried to go home, but fell asleep before he could get his car in gear!

I'm not sure WHO or WHAT this fellow is?

And is that a Toilet Paper Roll???  
Oh My........

An Elk??  In a Tree??    

OH!!   This must be where all the Toilet Paper Got too!!!

I hope this poor guy didn't  need any Toilet Paper!!

Hmmmmm.....Looks like Kit Kat struck again!
Poor Turtle....

Look at all these Tired Folks!  They All Feel asleep right where they were!!

That's Reese's Bed!! 

 I wonder where Reese is??

Here he is!!

Look!! Its a  Mini-Reese!!!!

I'm not going to even try to wake this guy up!!

(That CAN"T be comfortable!!)

Found Peanut Butter!!  

And Cup!  (still wearing his crown, I see!)

And Even Kit Kat looks like she had a good time!


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