Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Sundae

I woke up chilly this morning, which is odd for a summer's day in Belize......

Then I realized..................

Someone had turned me into a


A Tigger Sundae?? 


It must be a Mondae......

Tiggytiger, bring some hot fudge, we'll have to eat our way out of this one!


  1. *pours chocolate sauce over tiggerkat*dig in!

  2. Tiggerkat! I just had a CRAZY dream! I'm not kidding!

    Me, you, Spino, Scar and Tech were by a mountain. A big, fat Jersey Devil was on top of it. All of us wanted to see it. We put on helmets and wings (the wings didn't work).

    So we ran up the mountain. The Jersey Devil kept throwing big rocks at us. I looked at it, and saw that the Jersey Devil was big, fat TIGGER with wings!
    I'm not joking, this really happened.


    1. o.O

      that was NO dream! That is the guard I hired to protect my Reese Cup Treasures!!!

      (and I'm not...I mean..he's not THAT fat!!)

    2. i was the moutain in your dream, tried to eat him but moutains don't have teeth!

      i also had a dream where i brought my cat to my sister's school and one teacher said it looked like a kola.O.O


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