Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing: ReesePuff !!

Mimi gave me a gift that is as good as a mountain of Reese Cups!   A Jack Russell Terrier!

JRT's are my favorite kind of dog (sorry Reese, you are still my favorite muttly kind of dog!)

I love JRT because they are bundles of energy and really know how to have fun!!

And they chase cats too!!  Right up a Tree!!


Hee Hee!


I love that lil ReesePuff!!


  1. haha i knew you would like him! i chose a cute little one so you would surely keep him!

  2. your mean only one post in the reese's blog by you! :'( now surely no onw would follow or comment or view or be an author!!! :(

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way, but calling me mean does not give me much desire to want to post

    2. ok sorry. but pls post i dont want the blog to go down. your blog recieves many views and followers and comments so i thought the reese's blog would too, if you would work in it! :)


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