Saturday, June 23, 2012

Training Day!

I was so excited to start my new job as a Sandwich Artist, I showed up an hour early!!

Lucky me!!   Fat Freddy himself is going to teach me all I need to know!!

He makes unbelievable Sandwich Art!!

Check out some of his fine work below!

A Piano!!


(another great chef that I admire!)

A Cute Giraffe!

The Eric Carle Special!

(for very hungry customers!)

Mater!! (without tomatoes---hahahah!)

(I think Spino ordered this one!)


(Fatso's most popular fish sandwich!)

Just Amazing!!

So then it was MY turn!! 

I was So Excited!!

My First order was for a Chicken Sandwich!!


The next customer wanted a Hot Dog! 

No Problem for Chef Tiggerkat!!

The crowd was going wild!  Shaking their fists in approval at me!! 

I decided it was time to unveil my own creation!

A Kit Kat Sandwich!!

Then as I was getting ready to introduce another creation,

the Peanut Butter Baby Sandwich, But
Fat Freddy came in and told me to STOP!

He said I had done enough for the day and I could go home!

I'm so proud of myself!


  1. Haha, a Mater sandwich without tomatoes! xD Looks very tasty, that piano cracked me up! CB

  2. XD LOL
    How about a mater sandwitch without tomaters?
    XD XD XD
    *noms on a peanut butter baby* Yay chef TiggerKat!

  3. Tiggerkat may I have a double-Kit-Kat sand-which with extra angry coming from Kit-Kat? XD


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