Monday, June 11, 2012

Mondays are a Blast!

Never go visit a Historic Colonial Town on a MONDAY!!

It was really cool, taking in the sites and seeing all the people in their colonial clothes


Then we saw this cool colonial cannon!

Kit Kat said I couldn't fit in it and I proved her wrong!!

But then I realized, I was stuck!!

She left me there!!  All day!!

Then that night, there was an explosion, that even caught the tourists by surprise!!


The last thing I remember seeing as I flew acrosss the sky
was a cat like shadow

And the sound of laughter

The next thing I saw was this........

Yep, its a Monday!!!


  1. *starts gluing tiggerkats body together*Don't worry cuz i got the problem under control!

  2. *gives ilovemypets8 some glue*I need help with putting tiggerkat back together!Her tail fell off and i cant get it back on...maybe i should get some monkey glue....

    1. No! No! No! Please! No monkey glue!! I hate those crazy little animals!! XD

  3. STOP GLUING TIGGERKAT BACK TOGETHER!! *steals glue gun and runs off with it*

    1. i ate your kit kats * burps loudly* yum i mean yuk!!!!

  4. i have a gluegun so ha kit kat **glues tail and rest of body back together**


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