Saturday, June 16, 2012

My First Day on the Job!

Yay!  Today is my first day working at Soon Fatt!   

I figured out a way to make my job easier, instead of trying to think of lots of different fortunes,
 I will put the same fortune in every cookie!  

Should be easy peasy!!

Here it is!!  I think it is a great one!!

See how that is win-win?!   

Look at all the Reese Cups left for me!

My customers should be having lots of good luck today!!

Now Mrs. Soon Fatt  wants to see me in the kitchen

She doesn't look happy.....

She told me that my fortune wasn't appropriate, that I should not be asking for gifts.

She said maybe next time try giving good advice,

So here is my next Fortune Cookie:

She wasn't happy about that!

She told me I have one more chance,  maybe make a happy prediction for her customers

So I gave it A LOT of thought

I didn't want to make a prediction and have it NOT come true! 

That would make for disappointed customers!

So I thought this would be a safe prediction to make:

I guess she really liked that one!   Because she told me to go home  NOW!!

What a GREAT first day on the job!!!!


  1. Uhhh...Tiggerkat "Go home NOWW!!!" DIDN'T do well. Sorry to brake it to you this way. Anyway, both the second and the third really are GREAT advice AND fortunes! Heheh the only reason I don't like the first is because...I WANT THE REESE CUPS!!! RAWR! XD

  2. LOL!!!!!! Hahaha! Good luck... XD

  3. Great job cuz maybe you should being a sandwich artist this time!:D

  4. I know what your new job is i made a tigger roleplay and blog and thought you might want to work there


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