Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 2 at the Sandwich Shop!

Well I returned to Fatso's today ready to make some more great sandwiches!!

But when I got there, Fat Freddy said my services were no longer needed!!  Seems they hired a new Sandwich Robot!!

I was shocked!!   After all those great sandwiches I made!

Sigh!   Which job was next on my list........

Snake Milker.....

Guess I will check that one out!!

(I wonder how you get milk from a snake?)


  1. Tiggerkat , you can't milk a snake!
    But you can milk a cow! =)
    My friend needs a cow milker! So sign up for the job!
    She pays 50 Reese cups a hour!


    1. 50 REESE CUPS AN HOUR???!! I'm in!!!!!!!!! cows have hooves, like horses?


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