Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Promise to Mimi26392

Mimi thinks I am too mean to Kit Kat and is thinking about not being my buddy.   Well, I value her buddy-ship very much so I am making her this promise!  I will be  nice to Kit Kat for ONE day!!  Even if she steals my Reese Cups...............(did I really just say that???!!!)

This Post is for you Mimi!

Things I like about Kit Kat:

I have to admit, she was really, really cute when Mom brought her home from the hospital:

And there is nothing cuter than when Kit Kat is sleeping:

One Time, I found her and Reese sleeping together  (Reese has no special allegience to me, he loves everyone!!  especially anyone who feed him!)

Kit Kat has many talents:

She is a great climber:

She's a gymnast:

She likes dancing with her friends:

And she loves head banging rock and roll:

She likes playing on the internet:

She's nice to her sick friends:

And ONE TIME  I caught her doing this!

(that's right!  reading about me!)

Soooooooo  Mimi, can we be buddies again??? Please????


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  1. YEEES!!!!!!!!!! anyway if she steals your reese's comment to me! i know what to do as my cat doesn't always listen to what i say (she goes down and joins the streetcats and comes home all dirty!) and this is what i do:-
    Me: Bommi! You dirty cat!(slap slap)
    Bommi:Mew(looks with melting eyes)


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