Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer School with Tigger

Well, Mom and Dad are always saying we forget too much stuff when we are home from school on summer vacations, so I thought I would do some reviews of some of the important lessons we learn at school so that Mom and Dad will be impressed with how much smarts we keep!

Soooooooooo, Consider this Lesson One for Tigger's Summer School!

Today's Lesson is on Opposites!!

See if you can identify the opposites shown below:

Big and Small!   Very good!  Now try this one!!

Right again!  Black and White!

Now this one:

Yep!  Inside and Outside:
Here's another one:

Correct!! Wet and Dry!
Now, how about this one?


Right again!! Asleep and Awake!
Ok, almost done, here's the next one:


Top and Bottom, right!!  Very good!!

Ok, last it carefully:


Exactly!  Smart and Dumb!!


I crack me up sometimes!!

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