Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reese Cup Jubilee

So the Queen had her Diamond Jubilee last week, a celebration of her 60 year reign as queen.
I thought it was a nice idea that I could improve upon!  

So today will mark the First Annual Reese Cup Jubilee!!!!!!!!

It will be a BIG celebration!!  EVERYONE is invited!!  Especially YOU!!

Here is Reese in all his Royal Finery

And Peanut Butter is looking very sophisticated!!

Even Cup dressed up!

We have a great Jazz Band!

And we will party into the night!!

We will of course be serving REESE CUPS!!!!

Here is your slice!

We also have Reese Cup Waffle Towers!!  

Dipped Reese Cup Apples on a Stick!

And Reese to Drink!

And Everyone will get a Reese Jubilee Souvenir Tin filled with (of course) Reeses!

And the Grand Finale will be when  Reese Cup Paratroopers fall from the sky showering the crowds with Reese Cups!

And you don't have to worry about Kit Kat disrupting the Jubilee.....

I've assigned her a very special job:

She's not a very good worker!!


  1. Replies
    1. I just hope it doesn't RAIN!! :-)

    2. What if it rains Reese Cups? Hm?

  2. I love all the snacks!*eats resse cup apple*

  3. who'd do a job like that anyway? i wont

  4. Um...
    My tin... Didn't have a reese's cups in it.... *burps softly*
    Can I have another one?


    1. *digs around in back of closet* .

      Here's one!! ah, no, it is empty too.....
      *digs some more**
      Aha! This one is goo....nope, empty...

      Sorry, they ALL seem to be empty!! *burps softly*


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