Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bet You didn't know I'm a Fitness Guru!!

Yep!  Here's my book!

(The editors removed the "kat" from my name thinking this title rolled off the tongue better!)

So the Diet part I am sure you can guess! 
I recommend a well balanced diet with Reese Cups at every meal!

And as for excercise, I center my program around weight lifting:

Just tihnk,  this is what YOU could look like if you bench pressed 300 pounds of Reese Cups everyday!!

We are Starting Reese Out at the lower end......There are only 2 Reese Cups on his barbells

Peanut Butter is in the Reese Cup Digester Machine

It helps all those Reese Cups you eat get to the right places!

Here is the "After" Photo


Even Cup has been working out!

My Program has expanded rapidly! 

Here are some of my newest program members!

Now if you choose not to follow Tiggerkat's Exercise Program, you can always follow Kit Kats!


  1. Little bouncy Tiggerkat sitting on her tuffet!
    Eating her Reeses and Cups! La, la, la, la la...
    Along came a Kit Kat which sat down beside her and swallowed her Reeses away!

    Little bouncy Tiggerkat sitting on her tuffet
    Planing her revenge and mischief! DUN DUN DA DUN... be continued...

    1. Not so little TT Coyote sitting on his tuffet! Eating his noodles and soup! La, la, la, la, la la...
      Along came a Kit Kat who sat down beside him and stole his noodles away!

      Not so little TT Coyote sitting on his tuffet, calling TiggerKat up! DUN DUN DA DUN...
      ...planning revenge!

    2. Glad I didn't read that before I went to bed last night! I would've had nightmares of Kit Kat stealing all our reese cups and noodles!! Let the plotting begin!!!

  2. steal kit kat kit kat's and replace them with them.......... aha monkey poop!


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