Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome to my 4 Newest Followers!!!!

When I logged in this morning
I had to do a Double Take

Make that Quadruple Take!

That's right!
4 New Followers!!

What  Blessed Tigger I am!!

So Let's Meet My Newest Friends!

First Up is FOXTAIL

My Photo

(I love her "lol" Face!!)

Foxtail has a couple of blogs:

Her Main Blog is:
Foxtail's Warrior Cat Blog

Then she has a story blog called:
Chasing the Wind
(this looks like a blog Spino and Great Shot will like!)

Next Let's Meet


My Photo

Chase is brother to Cheesy Shadow, er
I mean Shadows5734/Cheesey
And shares her Blog:

Animal Jam Twilight

Next Say Hello to Ronnie Tolens

(aka Ducier)
He has "The Daily Howl"
and a story blog
And Next up is Mimi, I mean Melody!
My Photo
Actually Both, because I think that is Melody  holding Mimi!!
(What a Great Picture!!!)

She has a Blog Called
Animal Jam Melodies

And We Share a Blog Called
The Reese Cup Blog

Because Melody / Mimi loves Reese Cups Almost as much as I do!!

So Let's give a Quadruple Tiggerific Welcome to

Foxtail, Chase, Ronnie and Melody!!!

*hands out ear plugs to all*

!!! KA--BOOOOMM !!!

***Rains Confetti and Reese Cups***


  1. Cheesy Shadow
    Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Cheesy Shadow.
    hehe i always do dat when i try a new name


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