Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome Maximumriderules and Nikkiroo2 and KitKat (?)

Wow!  I have a New Official Follower: Maximumriderules

My Photo

and 2 Unofficial Followers:
(meaning they comment alot but do not have blogger accounts)

Nikkiroo2 and....................KitKat  (????)

So Let's First Meet Maximumriderules:

She loves cats (note the beautiful cat avatar) and loves all books! (me too!)
I'm guessing her current is Maximum Ride!

But she Also Blogs:

A Random blog:
It would be a good blog to follow, I did and you should too!!

and several story blogs that look very interesting, you can link to them from here:
If you like story blogs, I've looked at these and she is a great writer!!

I also want to welcome Nikkiroo2
She has been commenting alot lately and I thank her for that!!
She doesn't have a blogger account, that is why she is an Unofficial Follower.

Now......Kit Kat..........
I am very confused!
Kit Kat has been posting ALOT lately on my blog and being really really nice to me!
(at least on my blog)

This is very confusin'

Are you a long lost twin???
Or do You have 2 personalities, one nice, one mean?

I am not sure how to deal with this, so I will Say

Welcome to the Very Nice Kit Kat!

Ok Friends and Family, Let's put it together for a
Big Tiggerific Welcome
Maximumriderules, Nikkiroo2 and Kit Kat!!!

**Marching Band in Reese Cup Uniforms Appear on Stage**
**Reese Cups and Confetti Shower the Crowd**


  1. welcome to the blog i find it a very nice blog

  2. i don't have a blog account but i will make one on april 18 2013 (western time)

  3. btw i forgot to say From:nikkiroo2 (same person as above ^^^)

  4. hai tiggerkat when i have a blogger profile would you mind if i become an author on your blog(s) and you become an author on my blog(s)?


    1. you can sign up to be an author on the Reese Cup blog! that would be great!!

    2. okay i'll give you the link(s) when i make em'

    3. here's one rule you MUST follow: Only post reese cup stuuff on my sweets blog

  5. yes it is my favorite book! How did you guess XD Jk.


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