Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Just Had the Weirdest Dream!

Out of the Sky came a Space Ship

And A Green Beam lowered these
Alien Cats to the Ground!!

The Alien Cats were like an Army and they came to my House!

They Scratched at the Windows with their Laser Claws
Cutting their Way Through

Kit Kat Joined them!

She was their Alien Cat Leader!!

Then they Came to Steal All My Reese Cups!!

I picked up an Alien Cat Ray Gun!

(where'd all my teeth go???)

I tried to Blast them But My Gun Jammed!

Then They came with Their Reese Cup Collecting Saucers!

Just when I thought all was Lost,

Out of Thin Air


Cup was Huge!!

And He Grabbed those Alien Cats and


Except Kit Kat

Monster Cup Spit Her Out

(no one likes the taste of Kit Kats, right?!!)

She was all covered in Monster Hamster Spit!!

Guess it was a Good Dream, After all!!

wow....its only 1 am!

Guess I can Go Back to Sleep Now!!



In another Dark part of the house


"How'd I get in the Bath?"

"Tiggerkat Must've Been Sleep Walking Again!!"



  1. You took that picture I showed for the funny cat pictures. :P


  2. kitkats are yummy dont be foolish!

    (Mimi) click my name to get a shocking but happy surprise! XD

    1. That was a HORRIBLE web site! Everyone---Don't Click it!! You will be scarred for life!!

      oh the horrors, the horrors!


    2. why is on the post TWO people just impostered me?

    3. btw i don' have a blog and im not the world's biggest kitkat fan anymore im trying not to eat kitkats anymore

  3. some people (like me) like the taste of kit kats don't worry i like reese cups too

    From: a really angry nikkiroo2


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