Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's Squeeze in One More Follower Before School Starts!!

And Let's Welcome

                              TasmanianTiger !!


(But I am sure she just misspelled Tigger!)

Tasmanian Tiggers are my 2nd Favoritest Tiggers!
(Belizean Tiggers are my 1st Favorite!)

She has a brand new blog called
"Animal Jam Alien"

Animal Jam Alien

Taz's blog is so new that I am her First Follower!!!

So I will issue this challenge to each of you to follow her blog right now 
and If you follow her blog within the next 24 hours
You will Get a Prize!!

So Hurry!!

Oh, but Wait!!

Before you rush off, 

Let's give a Big Chocolatey Peanut Buttery Tiggerkat Welcome 

Tasmanian Tigger!!!!!

Ok, we're done!

Now go quick like a Tigger and follow her blog!!


  1. Hehe check out my post on my life to see my new banner i made for you. ^-^ And, I followed her do I get a reeses or something? :D

  2. Thank you Tiggerkat!

    x3 I appreciate it! :D Also thank you Jammie263 for following my blog. :D


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh wait. I just deleted my blog. You should have seen how many comments I had that were waiting to be moderated that said things like, "Your posts are so innacurate, you can give out your age and your first name."
    And "This blog is horrible!" <---posted by anonymous, of course. And other things. Oh well I guess my blogging dream is out of the picture for me. 12 comments were like that.
    But the other 3 were like "I love your blog!" and stuff. I can't believe how many comments I got within a few hours considering I just made my blog today. Well, thanks everyone who made me feel welcome to the blogging world and...the rest...well...I have nothing to say there.

    ~A very sad, Tas

    1. I'm sorry about the haters, but they will be everywhere, if you like blogging then keep on doing it! Don't let haters stop you from doing anything you enjoy!

    2. Please say you weren't offended by me, I'm very weird I must say. But I think as a blog that just started, yours was probably the best one I have ever seen!

      ~Regretful Jammie

    3. Jammie girl, a Tigger can't be offended, we are just too bouncy!! XD

    4. PS---I like weird, weird people are the most fun and interesting!!

  5. My friend Skerry and I just spammed my blog's post so now it has 201 comments. o.o


  6. note to the person who thinks everybody ONLY likes reese cups and tiggers which is obviosly tiggerkat: not everyone likes tiggers and reese cups


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