Friday, September 14, 2012

School Lunches

I know alot of people complain about School Lunches

Well I bet your school lunches are not as bad as mine!!

Monday is Hot Dog Noodle Day!

(How do they get the noodles in there??)

Ok, that one may not be so bad,

especially to Tricker Treee and some Annoying Bunnies I know

Tuesday is Twisted Sushi:


Instead of Fish, our Cafeteria Ladies use whatever crawled into the Kitchen!

Wednesday is Crocodile Whippers

(which is really just the tail)

Thursday is Chicken  Fingers

And it really is Chicken Toes!!

Friday is Pizza Day!

But they like to make Corn Dog Pizza at our School!

That's Why I Always Pack my Lunch!!

Yum!  Reese Cup Sandwich!!



  1. My school has the best food! We got pizza everyday, chicken patties and cheeseburgers everyday, an ice cream machine, fruit, vegetables, milk, this type of soda, etc. Today was my first day of buying lunch. I put pizza, a chicken patty, some cucumbers and milk on my plate! It was all very yummy! 8D

  2. For my school... you can pack your own lunch but you can order food at the cafeteria which is really just a window with a shop inside. I buy like 5 popsicles a day

  3. I don't like chicken's toes that much either, but where my mom's hometown, they eat them all the time, and super spicy! I hate spicy food... :C

    1. my grandmother would eat the pads from chicken feet, said it was really good......I'll just take her word for it!

  4. Replies
    1. do you dip them in peanut butter first then roll them in chocolate?

  5. The Hotogs noodles look....... yummy.....

  6. my school lunches are great! (except in kindergarten i barfed of eating that beef thingy then i had to go to the nurese's office and change my clothes and i was wearing my new shirt!)

  7. bugs could crawl into the kitchen! yuck! **barfs on a lunch lady**

  8. oops sorry luchlady! **cleans her off**


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