Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scuba Diving

Well, Last weekend of Summer

What to do?

Mum and Dad decided to take us Scuba Diving!

I'm more of a shallow water kind of kid

But I thought I'd give it a whirl

For Mum, Scuba Diving is always a Fashion Statement

And then she has to have the right flippers to match!

My Dad will never learn to not eat Chili before a Dive.......

We went to one of our favorite diving spots

But it was too crowded

So we found this old sea captain and a boat to take us out into the Caribbean


I put on my diving gear and plunged in

Isn't that cool!!??!!  

It's like an underwater Scooter!!!

Here's Mum doing a bit of Ironing

(She likes multi-tasking!)

(and it doesn't look like she picked out the most fashionable outfit!!  0.O)

Here's Dad, giving an Old Friend a High Five

Then He went in for a Close Look at this Cute little Jelly Fish

And for me.....

The Best Part of the Whole Family Dive

Was Kit Kat was attacked by a Shark!!!

Right on the 'Ole Tail!!  


Maybe Diving is More Fun than I thought After all!!




Give Me Your Best Bounce!!