Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Day of Summer Vacation!!

And That Means.......

PARTY !!!!

No....Not that kind of Party

(I did that one last year, sheesh)

This Year Let's Get a Bit


Reese Really knows how to wild it up!

So Does Peanut Butter and His Friends!!

Cup and His Friends will Provide the Music and Song:

But they needed a Guitar Player:

So Mimi stepped up and filled in!

Reese Puff Took Center Stage as some Dude he called "Elvis"

York preferred the Princess Theme From Last Year

We Had Good Eats at this End of Summer Party

Reese Cup Casserole!
(My Favorite!)

And Reese Cup Pop Corn!

And I had some Surprise Guests!!

My Cuz, TiggyTiger Stopped in with Her Party Hat:

Also Clifford (aka Trooper26, aka Yugio123, aka Oakfur or some kind of mango)
Stopped by in Her Party Hat too!!

(looking a bit small for a BIG red dog!)

Skittles stopped in for fun and games

And I was Soooo Happy to see my Cousin Great Shot!!

TrickerTreee Stopped in Too for a Quick Hello

Then some crazy person I've never seen before showed up!

My Photo

Called herself the Tasmanian Tiger and kept singing Alphabet songs
(more on this crazy tigger later!)

Jammie263 Stopped in

Mia Arrived a bit late and had this crazy Look about Her...

Oh, I see, she was checking out Kit Kat

But Which One is Kit Kat?????

Well, It's been fun!!

But I can't wait to go to school tomorrow!!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


  1. I like it! ^-^ Lol you add me! Hehe.

  2. That's me? Well... I did just wake up. XD


  3. Skittles (party rocking)September 2, 2012 at 6:50 PM

    In still at your house look
    Down stairs :D

  4. how did you know i was a black and white cat?? I love guitar though i dont know how to play it!

  5. the thing that could go wrong is, it's a monday


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