Monday, September 24, 2012

For my Friend Annie

Annie's School is having Spirit Week

On Wednesday its neon mustache day!

I don't know how exactly Annie is supposed to grow a Neon Mustache in 2 days!!


So I made a potion to help her!

To make sure it is safe, I tried it out First

And Look!!

It works!!

I gave some to my Dad

(Look!  It's the Infinity Sign for Annie's Blog!)

So Annie, I think it will work!

 Now I just have to get it to be Neon instead of Brown !

So I will give you the Potion, and Paints!

I can't wait to see how You look!!

Please be sure to Post a Picture!!


  1. Thank you, Tiggerkat for the neon mustache potion :) I'll see if I can post a picture!

    ~Annie ♥


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