Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School Should NEVER be on a Monday!

School Started Out Really, Really Good!!

It was good to see my Friends again

And I got my Favorite Teacher

(He seems somewhat familiar......??)

I rocked at Show-n-Tell

I brought in my Favoritest Reese Cup!!

I aced my Math assignment!

I "found x" every time!!

The Teacher gave me a Hug (X) and Kiss (O) on that one!!

Then we went to the Cafeteria for Some Great Cuisine!!

Then it was Time for Recess!!

And that's when it became a Real Monday

Thant's when  I saw......

HIM !!!

Over there!

On the slide!

Tiggerpaka is Back!!

And Obviously Looking for Me!!

I saw him talking to one of the Teachers

I don't know what she told him, but he left soon after.......

Will I ever be safe again??!!




  1. Lol, you'll be fine without him! (I think) You may want to look over your math problem.. :P -noms on reeses cup- I really like it! Uh-oh! -runs-

    Mood: Sweating from running from, YOU! Uh-oh you're here..


  2. Can you comment on my blogs or something? :D SO bored... :(

  3. Oh and a question for you too... Do you like your teacher? XD

  4. Hmm meerkrat I'm watching you with my eye its made of peral <>_- heheheh

  5. **watches meerkat with eyes O____O**


  6. **eye turns to pearl <>___O** **Watches with both eyes <>___O

  7. <>_O **watches with peral eye and other eye**

  8. **blinks -_-** **opens <>_O** **always blinks every now and then**


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