Sunday, April 8, 2012

Will the Real Easter Bunny please stand up!!

Every year we kids ask, "Is the Easter Bunny for real?" 

I hid my camera all around the tree house to get pictures of the Easter Bunny to see if he is real or not!    I got lots of pictures!!  

Can you help me figure out which one is the Real Easter Bunny?

Ooopssie!!  That's me!  My hidden camera got a picture of me!!  lol!  I am NOT the Easter Bunny!!

Well, this one is cute like the Easter Bunny, but I am pretty sure that is Cup!  Especially since he is sitting in the egg like its a Cup!! 

Hmmmmm, the 1st one is Pink, and I don't think the Easter bunny is pink.  The one in the middle looks a bit like Reese.......the one on the end...........well, that's a maybe....

Lol!!  Ok, that's not the Easter Bunny!  That is Peanut Butter with his Easter Bonnet!!   He loves dressing up and getting his picture taken!!  

Shhhhhhhhh!!!   This might be him!!  Look!!   He's sound a sleep, so tired from hiding Easter eggs!!!

Oooops!!  Me again!!   Looking for Easter Eggs!!!

Ugh!!  Kit Kat!!!!!!

Oh look!!!!  I think we found the Easter Bunny!!!!   He's so tiny though!!

Now that's more like it!!  I like my Easter Bunny to be a cool dude on a motorcycle!!!   Varroooommm!!!!!!

Wait!   One last picture on my camera........................

Could this be it???

Could this be him????!!!!

YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  I think I have photographic evidence of the true Easter Bunny!!!!  This HAS to be him!!!!!!

HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!

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