Friday, April 27, 2012

A Great Day in the Surf and Sun

Living in Belize really has its advantages!!   We live very close to the Caribbean and there are so many fun things to do there!  I have shared some of my fishing photo's, well Surfing is also very popular here!

And Tiggers are NOT the only ones who like to "Hang Ten" (or Twenty!!)   Some of my friends were there and I took their pictures to share with you!

Here is Griffin, the surfing Goat:

And Alfred, the surfing Alpaca with his buddy Albert:

When we got back to the beach there was a BIG commotion!

That's right!!  Ellie was here!!  She always makes a BIG splash!!!

Benny came by too..............

You didn't think he was going to surf did you?? Silly you!!  Bulls can't surf!!

But Hamsters do!!

Cup takes to the waves like a fish!!

And Peanut Butter rides the curls as well!  

Darn Imposters!!

Here's Peanut Butter!!

Stay Cool Dudes!!  Be Rad!!  Be Sick!!  Have an Epic Day!!

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