Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Impossible Imposters!!!

Ok, we all know April is the month of Fools, but these imposters are impossibly foolish looking!!  And I think one of them might be Fuzzy Shy Ivy!!  (she's stalking me, you know!)

This is probably the creepiest imposter I've seen in a long time!!  I know that's not Fuzzy Shy Ivy because I hear Fuzzy Shy Ivy is a very pretty and awesome girl!

This one is not as bad as the first, but definitely NOT Fuzzy Shy Ivy

I don't think this is Fuzzy either (I'm sure she doesn't have a beard!)

Well, this imposter isn't a great one, but she's at least a girl, so could be Fuzzy?

This may be my cutest imposter yet!!  Maybe this is Fuzzy when she was like 3 years old!!  (I am sure she was stalking me even at that young age!!)

So, if you know Fuzzy, tell her to quit stalking me!!!   I would be happy to be her friend and help her to stop her impostering ways!!

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