Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gone Fishin'

On a pretty spring day there is nothing better than a little fishing down at the pond.........

Although the fishing on the river is often better

I saw these 2 cool cats fishing at the docks

Peanut Butter likes to do his fishing in the winter, he likes "ice fishing".   Not me!  Tiggers do not like Ice !!! Brrrrr!

Reese doesn't really like to go fishing, he likes to play "fish", meaning he pretends to be a fish!   He jumps over board and we scoop him up with a net like he was a fish!

Cup doesn't like all the work of catching the fish.  He's more of a home body, but he is a good cook!   Here is some sushi he prepared for us when we brought our catch home!

Kit Kat is a bit of a homebody too, she doesn't like to go out and fish, and she's too lazy to cook.   This is her idea of fishing......

I'm gonna miss Guppy.......*sniff*

My Dad is a wild cat, he likes taking fishing to extremes as you saw in my last post on fishing.   Here's a picture of him from today's fishing trip.

I can't wait to see what Cup does with that one!!!

(Jello Shark???  blech!! May have to skip dinner tonight!!)


  1. I just ate Guppy in a fish sandwhich. -licks lips-

  2. I have an idea for a new story. How about..... The Mystery of the Stolen Reesecups? :D

  3. hey tiggerkat, wanna adopt a 'tigger'? go to to adopt one and put him in your blog

  4. You wanted my blog here the link:


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