Thursday, April 12, 2012

For Great Shot's Warriors Blog: My Warriors Character

Great Shot is nuts about the Warriors series, she reads all the books and then writes stories that are inspired by the series on about 100 different blogs.  

I keep asking to be an author on any of those blogs and for some crazy reason she thinks it's a bad idea!!  She doesn't think I can take it seriously, that I would do something goofy or weird.  

Well, I want to prove her wrong!!  

I have been doing some research and have created my Warriors character.........................what do you think???  

I think Great Shot will LOVE IT !!!

Now, can someone help me come up with a name??  FiercePelt ?    NinjaFur?  


  1. Wait a minute...I think you made a mistake...That looks like Kit Kat...

  2. tiggerkat you took a picture of Kit kat!ahhhhh!


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