Monday, April 16, 2012

More Monday Misery

The day started out normal enough.   School went great, even recess went uneventfully!   Then I went to my after school Guitar Lessons  with   Pooh Bear

He's a great teacher!!

But when I got there, there was a substitute!  Pooh was stuck in a beehive and couldn't make it.   I'm not sure about this other teacher

So I thought I would try a little humor to start the know, a little joke, like this

"Hey!  What do you call a bear with no teeth???         

A gummy bear!!!"    *rofl !!!*

He got furious!!!  

How was I to know he wore dentures???!!!         

He beat me up and put me in the hospital!!

TiggyTiger!!   Hurry!  I need a Reese Cup IV infusion right away!!!!

(wait a that a smile on Pooh????)


  1. Maybe Pooh is smiling because he is happy to see you are still alive.


    1. you're probably right, I'm just a little paranoid these days!!

  2. No! BAD BEAR!
    -Sets Tobias (the hawk who lives in my yard) and Thalia (my stuffed wolf) and Cassie (my other stuffed wolf) and Patronus (my stuffed deer) on the evil bear-
    -Comes back 15 minutes later-
    The bear has suffered a black eye, a sprained ankle, a bashed head, and a near Dementor Kiss (Caused by Patronus)
    I set a bunch of Harry Potter characters on him too... >;3
    Guess what he begged for?
    I gave him mine... I was all too glad to be rid of them!

  3. KIT KATS???!!!!!! 0-0

    Nooowwwww it all makes sense!! He must be working with Kit Kat and she is the evil mastermind behind this!!!!

  4. *starts giving resse IV fusion*I'm sorry i'm a bit late.Ninjas attack me with oreos!

    1. Oreos!!!! Those dastardly ninjas!!!

  5. I'm going on Ebay and gonna buy a bear to be my body guard!

  6. **gives all reese's products**


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