Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Candy Wars of 1492

Well it was a tie!   The story poll produced a tie between time traveling with Tigger and pets and Candy Wars with Kit Kat.  So I will combine the two into one!!   

Here's the story line:   Kit Kat steals all my Reese Cups  (you don't know how hard that was to type!!  I think I'm having a panic attack!!  Let me check my stash......whew!  still safe!)  And She goes back in time and my pets and I have to pursue her and then get us all (Reese Cups included) back home!


  1. I'M SO EPIC!!! I'LL BE FAMOUS!!!!

    1. then kitkat got stuck in 3000 b.c. and was never heard from again YAY


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