Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Candy Wars of 1492

Well it was a tie!   The story poll produced a tie between time traveling with Tigger and pets and Candy Wars with Kit Kat.  So I will combine the two into one!!   

Here's the story line:   Kit Kat steals all my Reese Cups  (you don't know how hard that was to type!!  I think I'm having a panic attack!!  Let me check my stash......whew!  still safe!)  And She goes back in time and my pets and I have to pursue her and then get us all (Reese Cups included) back home!


  1. WHAT ABOUT FLYING UNICORNS????????????? =(

  2. I'M SO EPIC!!! I'LL BE FAMOUS!!!!

    1. then kitkat got stuck in 3000 b.c. and was never heard from again YAY


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