Monday, April 23, 2012

Mondays can get a bit Sticky!!

I was in the bathroom this morning, we ran out of toilet I was trying to get another roll out of our holder, and can see what happened next.......................I got a bit stuck...........

After I got myself free, I heard a squeeky voice calling for help!  Down on the floor trapped between the wall and my desk, I found that Cup was also stuck!

Then we were going outside to get to the car to get ready for school and I heard some more squeals for help coming from the garden!  This time it was Peanut Butter who was stuck!!!

Then on the way to town Mom took off really fast out of the drive way and made a sharp turn and I heard a yelp and then it was Reese who was stuck !!!

But the best news of the day was when we got home and found that Kit Kat was stuck!!  

hahhahahahahhahahahahah!!!   This Monday may have actually been the best Monday I have had in a very long time!!!!!!!!!!

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