Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 New Followers!!!!!!!

Boy!  A lot happened while I was stuck in that zoo!  I got 2 new followers!!    Let's make a Giant Reese Cup welcome for:

A big "Haallllooooo" to Pokemon4774, aka Trooper26 and he has 3 blogs!!

 I linked up to the one called AJS Newspaper, because even though all 3 blogs are awesome, I couldn't really understand the other 2, one was for "fellow owls" and if they are like the Owl that I know that would make for some really tough reading, because Owl is the smartest guy in the 100 acre woods!!  The other one was a story blog called Campfire, maybe Pokemon4774 would want to list that on my favorite story bloggers page!

Then there is Ilovemypets8, which is a much better name than "I8mypetslove".......phew!!

You want to know what's really weird?? On my dashboard it says I have 19 followers, but on my blog it shows that there are 16 followers!  So I have 3 secret followers!!!  And you know what I think????  I think they could be Fuzzy Shy Ivy because word on the street in Jamaa is that FUZZY SHY IVY IS STALKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AAhhhhh!!!!!   Do you think she's after my Reese Cups?


  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! Haha Fuzzy Shy Ivy after your Reese Cups. LOL! I ate my pets love LOL! Awesome blog too. Hehe I love it!

  2. Thanks!! I do follow this blog because you follow all mines! I have tons! My brother has a blog he uses.

  3. Oh and the fellow owls are legand of guardians. Not real owls read them. It's just legand of the guardians talk.


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