Sunday, April 8, 2012

Catching my "Evil Twin" (aka Kit Kat)

So now we know Kit Kat has been parading about pretending to be me doing bad deeds.   Now I just have to catch her in the act! 

I have set up my spy cameras all around and these are the pictures that I got of Kit Kat in various hideouts where I found she was stashing the Reese cups she stole from me!

She was bold enough to hide some reese cups in my dresser drawers!

She hid some in Dad's boot too!! 

Yeecchhh!!  How will I ever be able to eat them?? 

ok, who am I kidding!  I ate them as soon as I rescued them!!

She hid them in Mom's pickling jar.

hmmmmmmmmm.............pickled reese cups!

Now that's an idea with potential!!

Then we got a picture of her hiding Reese cups in Cup's exercise ball!   

That evil Kit Kat was setting Cup up to look like he was the thief!   Good thing we got the truth on film!!

Then, after she hid all the stolen Reese Cups, we decided it was time to apprehend her! 

We wanted to sneak up on her, Reese almost blew his cover and got caught by Kit Kat

Luckily Kit Kat was looking the other way!   We had her cornered!! 

Just as we were about to capture her she pulled the dirtiest, most rotten trick of all time!!!!

She went and got all cute on us!!!!  

Who has the heart to capture a thief that cute????   

Ugh!  She's a wiley one!!!   But at least I got all my reese cups back!!!

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  1. Wow! An enemy with an advantage!! This is getting to be a good war, like StarWars!


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