Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day !!!

Today is the day we celebrate and share our appreciation for Mother Earth and think how we can change our habits to help Mother Earth.

I decided to help in reducing trash / waste by making art out of all my Reese Cup Candy Wrappers

I also made this beautiful dress out of Reese wrappers

(That's NOT me, by the way)

Reese, my dog,  is going Earth Friendly with his new Solar Powered Dog House

Peanut Butter, my pig, is doing a little gardening to help Green Up Mother Earth

Cup has decided to start driving one of those "Smart Cars"  that uses less gas

Kit Kat couldn't really think of anything to do for Earth Day.      We thought about it long and hard, and well, I thought that some things simply can't be Re-used or Recycled, some things just need to be thrown away!  hahahahhahahah!!!

So what will you do for Earth Day????

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