Friday, April 6, 2012

Do I have an Evil Twin????

My brilliant cousin Tiggytiger thinks I have an Evil Twin!!      That would explain all the imposters!!!!!!!!!!

Let's look at this new group of imposters........are they REALLY imposters?? Or do I have an Evil Twin????

Now that one looks pretty evil!!!!!!!!  

And so does this can see Evil in his eyes!!!!

ok, well this next one, she looks too nice, must be an imposter, not an evil twin

But this one is most definitely evil!!!  

I mean, really, why would anyone, except an evil twin, imposter my butt???

Maybe I have both an Imposter AND an Evil twin!!  I will have to do some investigating and I will keep you posted!!!  

Man!  I look good in my Detective Gear!!!!


  1. I think the imposer with the orange underwear is the imposer!

  2. I thought Kit Kat was your evil twin, and that she just was not as good looking.



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