Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tigger Cakes

Here are some of the awesome cakes made to honor me, Tiggerkat in the past.  They are so beautiful I just had to share them with you!   And of course, they are all Reese Cup Flavored!!  (you really didn't need to ask that, right?)

It says "Happy Bounceday!"

My Pirate themed birthday a few years ago

One of my 1st birthday cakes

And this is one I have picked out for when I am older, isn't it a beautiful, sophisticated cake?

We got special cakes for my dog,  Reese too   (all reese peanut butter cream flavored because dogs can't eat chocolate)

Here's another really cool one, yes, it is REALLY A CAKE !!!

Then of course we have special cakes made for my pet pig, Peanut Butter

These are more like cookies, still very cool!   

And I couldn't forget my Hamster,'s his special "CUP-cake"  (get it?  Cupcake???  I'm too funny!!!!)

And check this one out...............the cage and wheel and everything you see is edible!!

And of course, we had to do special cakes for my little sister, Kit Kat  (and they were kit kat flavored, blech!!)

Isn't it amazing how much they look just like her??!!!  

***rofl ***

*** wipes tears off face****

**sighs**    I'm just too much today!

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