Monday, April 16, 2012

Cryptids in Belize! Los Credulos

There has been alot of talk in the AJ Blogosphere lately about Cryptids.   Cryptids are animals that some believe to exist, but have never been proven.  Common examples are Bigfoot, Yeti and Loch Ness Monster.  You can see pictures of these and others on Great Shot's Blog:  Animal Jam Flock.

But there is another Cryptid that is not widely known about outside of Belize.  It is a local legend of an creature so hideous and disgusting that children hide under their bed covers at its mere mention!   It is the dreaded "Los Credulos"    **shivers run up and down spine**

Here is a photo of one of these hideous creatures: 

(don't look if you are prone to nightmares!)

Legend has it that a mad scientist who fled the UK (no relation to Spino, I hope!) a hundred years ago and hid in the jungles of Belize began to conduct genetic experiements on squirrels.  

Look at those red eyes!!   He used the most evil and aggressive squirrels for his experiments!

At one point the Belize Military raided his lab and arrested the scientist and killed all the mutant  squirrels

But some escaped and reproduced in the wild and the result was Los Credulos! 

The males have wings and horns, the females only have horns.  The females are not too aggressive unless you get too close, but the males..........**shudders**  they are the ones we fear!   

They fly at night and come into your house while you sleep and eat your toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So even though it is like 90 degrees here all year round we sleep with socks and shoes on!!!

Mom is always worried about Kit Kat, because Kit  is the "baaaabeeee"  (rolls eyes) so this is what mom does to keep Kit safe from Los Credulos when she's sleeping

So if you ever come to Belize, be sure to bring your socks and shoes!!!!


  1. You know, Los Credulos means "The Gullible" in Spanish. You Belizeans are CRAZY!


  2. Los Credulos!oh no!*hides under bed*

  3. I just hired a Los Credulos to work on my side and get you!!! In return, I'm giving him shelter in your room.


  4. -Throws Whoppers at Kit Kat- Do you want me to call in the Jersey Devil? I'm on friendly terms with him!


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