Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome Two! No, One! New Follower!!!!

When I finally got onto Blogger today, I saw that I now have 22 followers!! (on Blog View it only shows 19, because as you know, I have "secret followers", one of them you may know by the name of *cough* fuzzyshyivy *cough*) 

Anyway, so I was looking to see who is my new followers and I saw 2 NEW names!  Mimi26392 and BunnyLoveForever123!   So I looked at their profiles and then saw that BunnyLove is really Flowesa, so she fooled me there for a minute (or two......or three!)

OK, So, I don't have 2 new followers, But I do  have 1 new follower! 

So let's give a Big Reese Cup Welcome to Mimi26392 !! 

Mimi also has a blog and I checked it out!  And you won't believe how awesome this website  is!!!  I was so excited I yelled out loud!! 

On her blog is a poll asking which is your favorite blog and Tiggerkat's Ode to Reese Cups is one of the choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

She also had Great Shot's AJ Flock as a choice, so ok, Mimi isn't perfect, but you can check it out and vote for ME!!!!  AND become a follower of Mimi's because she rocks!!!!!

Here's the link!

Remember!  Vote for Tiggerkat's Blog (and not Great Shot!)

(Disclaimer:  I love to pick on Great Shot, she's really cool and lots of fun and we pick on each other all the time)


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